Примеры Этических Дилемм в Литературе

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Примеры Этических Дилемм в Литературе
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Что Такое Дилемма

Преподавание Моральных и Этических Дилемм

Ребекка Рэй и Кристи Литтлхейл

В литературе дилеммы образуют центральный конфликт, с которым сталкиваются многие главные герои. Иногда эти дилеммы даже вызывали изменения в обществе и истории! Общие дилеммы включают в себя: классические, этические и моральные.

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Примеры Этической Дилеммы в Литературе | Преподавание Дилеммы в Литературе

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  • Mr. Jaggers takes Abel Magwitch on as a client, even though he knows he is an exiled convict. When he finds out that Magwitch has returned, he has an ethical obligation to report him. Instead, he makes Pip have a very careful hypothetical conversation about Magwitch.
  • Atticus is under intense pressure from many citizens in the town to not properly defend Tom Robinson at trial; however, he holds himself and his professionalism to high standards, and not not defend Tom would violate his ethical obligations (and his moral values).
  • Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert are expecting the orphanage to send them a boy who can help with the farm chores. When they see that they have been sent Anne, they need to decide if they want to keep her or send her back to the orphanage.
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