Путешествие Героя Тристана Стронга

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Путешествие Героя Тристана Стронга
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Тристан Стронг Пробивает Дыру в Небе

Тристан Стронг пробивает дыру в небе , Кваме Мбалия

Лорен Аюбе

Тристан Стронг — семиклассник, потерявший своего лучшего друга Эдди в трагической автобусной аварии, в которой они оказались вместе. Поглощенный чувством вины и горя, Тристан крепко держится за единственную часть Эдди, которая у него осталась: его дневник. Их журнал. Когда Тристан приезжает в Алабаму, чтобы провести месяц со своими бабушкой и дедушкой, посреди ночи появляется существо и крадет дневник Эдди. Тристан понятия не имеет, какие приключения ждут его, когда он отправляется на поиски дневника и самого себя.

Тристан Стронг Пробивает Дыру в Небе

Описание Раскадровки

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Текст Раскадровки

  • After the accidental death of his best friend Eddie, Tristan goes to live with his grandparents on their farm in Alabama for a month.
  • Gum Baby sneaks in Tristan’s bedroom window and steals the journal that Eddie and Tristan used to write stories in.
  • At first, Tristan is reluctant to follow Gum Baby, and wonders if this is all a dream.
  • Gum Baby is with Tristan throughout his entire journey. John Henry motivates Tristan and is a positive mentor throughout the story. Others such as Chestnutt, Ayanna, and High John are also part of Tristan’s journey.
  • After chasing Gum Baby, Tristan ends up in the Bottle Tree Forest; he finds Gum Baby and the backpack with the journal near a tree. Tristan is angry and punches one of the bottles on the tree. A fiery hole appears at the bottom of the tree, and Tristan and Gum Baby are transported down the hole into the Burning Sea.
  • Tristan is faced with many tests during his adventure. He must survive the Burning Sea, fight the Fetterlings, retrieve the Story Box, find Eddie’s journal, defeat the Maafa and Uncle C, outsmart Anansi, and of course, fix the hole in the sky.
  • Tristan goes to Nyame’s Palace to ask the sky god to fix the Story Box. When they are on the roof, Nyame tells Tristan a story about the history of Alke. Just then, they see a massive ship enter the marina; the ship is filled with iron monsters and Tristan knows it’s Maafa and that he must fight.
  • Two boxing gloves appear and Tristan uses them to fight off the enemies. Tristan then finds Uncle C, whose full name is Uncle Cotton. With Gum Baby’s help, Tristan defeats him, and he and Gum Baby search for a way out and a way to find the journal.
  • Tristan and Gum Baby end up in a bus, where Eddie tells Tristan what’s been going on: Uncle C is using the journal to track Tristan, and Tristan must now help Maafa’s prisoners off of the ship. Anansi has been disguised as Brer Rabbit the whole time, and as a punishment, he must go inside the Story Box and help Tristan write his stories. The journal and the Story Box are safe.
  • After Tristan says goodbye, he heads to where High John is building a bridge to connect MidPass with the mainland of Alke. There, he connects John Henry and High John by telling them about Anansi’s punishment.
  • Tristan returns home with the Story Box, which is in the form of a smartphone, and Anansi, who is inside of the Story Box. Anansi fixes the hole in the sky with his web.
  • Back to his grandparent’s farm, Tristan begins to tell his story. He feels as though his work is not yet done, and knows that he will return to Alke one day.
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