Диаграмма Участка Рыбы на Дереве

Диаграмма Участка Рыбы на Дереве
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Рыба на Дереве

Описание Раскадровки

Создайте визуальное краткое изложение сюжета «Рыбы на дереве» Линды Маллали Хант, выделив экспозицию, конфликт, восходящее действие, кульминацию, падающее действие и развязку.

Текст Раскадровки

  • Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt
  • Come on in, Ms. Nickerson.
  • Today's AssignmentWrite a story!Be creative!Have fun!
  • "Everyone is smart in different ways. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking that it's stupid."
  • Okay, Ally, here we go!
  • The future is in your hands.
  • Oh boy...
  • Ally doesn’t like school. She is always getting sent to the principal's office and the work is too hard. When she tries to read or write, the words seem to dance around and she just can’t do it. Her teacher doesn’t understand her and the mean girls make fun of her. Until one day, Ally's world changes when her teacher goes on maternity leave, and it’s because of Mr. Daniels; he is not like the others. In fact, he is not like anyone Ally has ever met.
  • Keisha, are you okay?
  • Mrs. Hall leaves to have a baby, and Mr. Daniels is Ally’s new teacher. Ally finds it more and more difficult to hide her struggles from him.
  • Yeah, she is.
  • Nice to meet you, Travis. Quite the little sister you have here.
  • Mr. Daniels asks Ally questions about what it’s like when she reads and tells her that he’d like to have her tested for dyslexia. He begins helping Ally after school and teaches her how to play chess.
  • Mr. Daniels tells the class about the famous people who struggled with dyslexia. Ally’s classmates think it’s cool that Ally is like these famous people and everyone begins getting along - except for Shay. Ally becomes class president. Also, Albert confronts the bullies who have been beating up for a long time.
  • I'm tired of you messing with me!
  • Ally has gained confidence and Mr. Daniels offers to help Ally’s brother, Travis, learn to read.
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