Finished Storyboard Example

Обновлено: 12/22/2016
Finished Storyboard Example
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Сара Laroche

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Описание Раскадровки

Movie Maker Matt's Storyboard Example

Текст Раскадровки

  • Scene 1, Shot 1
  • A cat lies on a bed in the corner of a near-empty bedroom. NARRATOR One may think the life of a cat is boring.
  • Scene 2, Shot 1
  • Purr
  • Purr
  • Purr
  • Scene 1, Shot 2
  • The same cat is eating food from a bowl in a kitchen. NARRATOR A life of easy living, populated with naps, food, and an occasional trip to the litter box.
  • Scene 2, Shot 2
  • Scene 1, Shot 3
  • Cat face shot against country background. Slow zoom on cat's face to focus on eyes, then fade to black. NARRATOR But the story of Fletcher, a country cat gone city, is different from the usual tale.
  • Scene 2, Shot 3
  • City street with car "moving" supplies. NARRATOR Fletcher was a two year old cat when his family decided to move to the big city.
  • Family runs around during the move, cat turns to watch the humans walk by. NARRATOR Fletcher was confused by the boxes and his humans' frantic moving about.
  • The cat is curled up in an empty closet. NARRATOR Seeking refuge from the hectic atmosphere in the household, Fletcher finds himself a nice spot in the upstairs closet.