Six Thinking Hats Example: SoLoMoFoo
Posodobljeno: 12/20/2016
Six Thinking Hats Example: SoLoMoFoo
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De Bono's Six Thinking Hats

Uporaba Storyboarding in de Bono's Six Thinking Klobuki

Marissa Martinez

Šest kreativnih klobukov, koncept, ki ga je izrazil Edward de Bono, je močno orodje za brainstorming in inovacije. Z razbijanjem misli na šest "vzporednih" ali "stranskih" območij omogoča ločeno obravnavo spektra misli, od občutka črevesja do analize podatkov. Z uporabo teh šestih vrst razmišljanja na strukturiran način lahko skupine učinkoviteje pristopijo k reševanju problemov.

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Snemalna Knjiga Opis

6 thinking hats example of how Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats could be applied to a new product: SoLoMoFoo.

Snemalna Knjiga Besedilo

  • White Hat
  • Not everyone knows when and where free food is available in the office.
  • Blue Hat
  • Let's see if we can think of a way to connect the food with the people!
  • We can spend half an hour on brainstorming, and then an hour on discussion. If we have a really good idea, we'll take a half hour to discuss it and then table the matter for a week.
  • Green Hat
  • What about an app that sends users notifications whenever there is food to share?
  • What do we know? What does this tell us?
  • There is an opportunity to exchange information between people who are bringing in food and those who want to eat it.
  • How do we approach this problem? What are the ground rules?
  • What are some alternatives? How can we innovate?
  • It could also let users report when they bring in free food or have leftovers from meetings.
  • Yellow Hat
  • No more wasted food!
  • No more hangry coworkers!
  • SoLoMoFoo
  • Red Hat
  • Users will be happy, and not as hungry!
  • Black Hat
  • Hard to monetize.
  • Is there already a system in place for this?
  • What works? What are the benefits?
  • It won't be hard to make!
  • How does this make us feel? How will customers feel?
  • It feels good to help make people happy!
  • What doesn't work? What could go wrong?
  • It could be not many people use it.