Updated: 2/9/2020

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • Once a strange lady appeared next to Sherlock's house.
  • The woman is named Mrs Helen.She is stressed while talking to Sherlock about her problem.
  • Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson arrive at Leatherhead and got a cab to Helen Stoner's house.
  • In Helen's house,in Dr. Roylott's room,they found a small saucer of milk.
  • Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes stayed in the room .They spotted Helen shining a bright light in the window.They saw a light in the ventilator,a sigh that Dr. Roylott is up.Suddenly Dr.Watson slashed the rope with a walking stick.
  • Mr. Holmes rushed to Dr. Roylott's room.Where they found Dr. Roylott sitting on the chair dead with the poisonous snake around his neck.