private talk with holly

Updated: 1/15/2019
private talk with holly

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  • Oh, good morning dear.
  • Good morning dad.
  • Then they set up the boat and tackle box.
  • "The usual starting place?" "The usual."
  • No people here..
  • On a Saturday morning, I tiptoed out of my house and decided to go fishing myself before dawn was up. I was surprised that my 17 years old daughter---Holly has already waited for me.
  • Don't tell me you don't want to go to college...
  • Dad. would you be mad if I changed my plans?
  • After she has grown up, she only go fishing with me when needed a private talk. We began everything as the usual, set up all the fishing gear, just fished around the stumps.
  • Oh dad, It's the biggest bass I've ever seen! You have to take it home.
  • The dawn was up and it seems like we were the only human here. I was so nervous and wanted to know what's on Holly's mind. The fish may all very deep, so we drifted the bottom, that made a beaver very angry.
  • No dear, its a life thing, it has its own life.
  • Thanks dad, I understand. Love you.
  • After a moment, Holly told me that she wanted to stay school for three years to finish studying more quickly, I was sad and I didn't know how to answer her.
  • Suddenly, we caught a biggest bass that we have ever seen before, but I put it back into the lake.
  • I thought fish is a life thing, it has its own freedom to live its own life. Holly knew that I had understand and said thanks to me.