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Spirit Animals by Brandon Mull
Updated: 2/20/2019
Spirit Animals by Brandon Mull
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Storyboard Description

Far away in the world of Erdas, there lived four children, Conor, Meilin, Rollan, and Abeke who discovered that they have a rare link between human and animal called a spirit animal bond. Each person and animal is granted extraordinary powers that will help them defeat the world’s common enemy, the Devourer. There are many great beasts in Erdas, and each of them is vigorous and have a talisman. Each talisman holds incredible powers that the four children and their spirit animals will need in battle. They all journey on threatening quests and need to help each other to get through troublesome times. They might not want to work together, but that might be the only key to survival.

Storyboard Text

  • ok...
  • Help me get dressed for the Nectar Ceremony
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