scene 1
Updated: 6/17/2020
scene 1
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  • Ouch! what happened?
  • Hey buddy, whats your name? Your heart beats per minute are really HIGH!!
  • Hang in there Larry! Your BPM are at 120, we'll get you fixed up quick
  • Thanks so much, my chest hurts really bad.
  • I feel like I just ran a marathon, but I was just crossing the street
  • I have a pacemaker, and my phone is telling me I need to pay bitcoin to fix my heart
  • Well that's odd. We will check it out and get back to you soon.
  • We will try and lower your heart rate with some medicine. Anything we should know?
  • 6 hours after admittance
  • I don't feel much better. Do you think we should try paying my phone bitcoin?
  • What? that's impossible and weird.I've never seen anything like this! Your heart rate is at 162 BPM. We're trying everything we know to slow it down.
  • 12 hours after admittance
  • Not like this, Not like this
  • Larry, Your heart rate is over 190 BPM. We need to get you into emergency surgery.
  • 18 hours after admittance
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