cyber safety online

Updated: 9/8/2021
cyber safety online

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  • Phew! That was a long, hard day at school. I think I'm going to go on social media.
  • You have ten new Instagram comments.
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  • meganjohnson: Best friends!
  • katymarie:@meganjohnson Ew, gross. You guys are losers.
  • I know what you can do. Block the users,screenshot the conversation, and don't respond to them.
  • hannahcarlos: EW!
  • juliawoodard: Nerds. Haha!
  • brycesmith: You guys aren't cool whatsoever.
  • aaronmclaughlin: Losers!!!
  • peterroberts: Just delete your account already.
  • haydenwalsh: DELETE ALREADY!!!
  • benmatthews: Haha!
  • katymarie: Ew, gross. You guys are losers.
  • alexamccain: I hate your outfit.
  • Why are they being so mean to me? I didn't do anything to them!
  • People are cyberbullying me!
  • What happened?