Transforming Tales Lesson 16 - No Human is Illegal Pt 2
Updated: 6/22/2020
Transforming Tales Lesson 16 - No Human is Illegal Pt 2

Storyboard Description

Pulling it all together: You are now going to put your knowledge of how illustrators convey emotion into action by creating your own graphic novel style illustration that includes colour and words. 1. You will spend 30 minutes creating your own frame that could fit in to a graphic novel. But first, you need to decide who your character will be. You may also like to use a character you have created previously: Gender Age Height/build Job Likes Dislikes Good things in their life Problems in their life Goals What emotion do you want them to convey in your illustration? Use this link (Links to an external site.) if you are struggling to decide: 2. You must SHOW not TELL. Using either A3 or A4 plain paper, you should use your own pencils/markers to add colour to your illustration. Try to avoid using any words that give away how the character is feeling. For instance, don’t use a speech bubble that says, “I am SO angry!” but do use angry colours and lines in your illustration and detail on your character’s face such as a scowl.

Storyboard Text

  • I am the messiah, you must obey me
  • Yes, messiah, we will obey
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