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T.H.U.G. storyboard
Updated: 9/26/2019
T.H.U.G. storyboard
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  • Here is my ID... Me and Mr. Lewis were just talking... Yes officer.
  • Let me see your ID... get on the ground!
  • I want to speak out for Khalil to bring him the justice he deserves.
  • You don't have to speak out if you don't want to... we will be with you all the way backing you up and making sure you're safe. 
  • Who is this? I don't approve of you dating a white boy. What's wrong with you?!
  • Dad, this is Chris... my boyfriend. He's a really nice guy ad treats me well.
  • Chris
  • As Maverick, Starr, Seven, Sekani, and Mr. Lewis were talking, the cops show up and tell Maverick to hand over his ID. They then realize that Starr is the witness, and tell Maverick to get on the ground. (Ch.11, pg. 182- 201)
  • Hailey
  • Poor officer 115, (Brian) is living a terrible life after killing a teen drug dealer in Garden Heights.
  • Mrs. Ofrah brings Maverick, Lisa, and Starr to her office (cubicle) and talks about Starr speaking out and al of the details that go with it. Starr finally agrees to go on with speaking out- to be the voice for Khalil. (Ch. 12, pg. 201- 220)
  • All Hailey does is annoy me and make me mad. I don't think I want to be friends with her anymore. What do I do?
  • Ok. Thanks, Mom.
  • Think about what you want, not what pleases Hailey. Weigh out the good and the bad of your relationship, and then decide if you want to end it.
  • Maverick finds out that Starr has been dating Chris, a white boy from Williamson, and is not happy about it. He was the only person in Starr's family that didn't know about him. After this, Maverick leaves for a while in his car to assumingly go take a break. (Ch. 13, pg. 220- 240)
  • When Starr visits Maya's house to go talk o Maya and Hailey (mostly Hailey), an interview comes on with officer 115's dad and he is acting like 115 was the victim and Khalil and the rest of the Graden heights community is the monster, not the other way around. When Hailey agrees with this, Starr becomes infuriated and yells at her- calling her racist. (Ch. 14, pg. 240- 258)
  • Why would you ever say that? Hailey! What's wrong with you?!
  • Maya
  • I feel bad for the police man, the drug dealer deserved it.
  • After Hailey and Starr's argument, Starr goes out for breakfast with her mom and Starr talks to her about what happened with Hailey and if their friendship is good to keep. Lisa tells Starr that is her decision to make, but her advice is to weigh out the pros and cons of their friendship, and if the bad outweighs the good, end it. Starr agrees with that. ( Ch. 15, pg. 258- 278)
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