Natural Resources Article comic

Updated: 3/19/2021
Natural Resources Article comic

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  • water
  • sun
  • Natural resources are any materials found in nature that are useful to people.
  • air
  • grass/dirt
  • trees
  • The richest countries are usually the ones with access to the most natural resources
  • Not all places on earth have the same amount of natural resources
  • Some have a lot
  • Some have very little
  • So is water.
  • Some natural resources are renewable. This means they can be use over and over again and will not be used up!
  • We need to be careful, though, because even though they are renewable, both air and water can become polluted.
  • Air is an important renewable resource.
  • Some examples of non-renewable natural resources are the fossil fuels that we use to power our country such as oil, coal, and natural gas.
  • Other natural resources are NOT renewable. This means there is only a certain amount of them and they will eventually run out.
  • A lot of people are worried about the impact that humans are having on our natural resources.
  • People destroy nature to make way for industry, are using up most of the non-renewable resources and pollute and poison the air we breathe and water we drink.
  • However, there are also many people working to protect our natural resources and researching new ways we can make energy and goods without hurting our planet and what it provides us.