Auggie - halloween
Updated: 11/17/2020
Auggie - halloween

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Auggie 😁
  • Hi!! 😁
  • Hi Auggie, i love your costume!!
  • Hi and thank you i like yours to. 
  • Hi Auggie!
  • Julian thats rude who cares if he was in a fire, thats not funny.
  • Thanks guys
  • its ok Auggie. 
  • Auggie is so ugly, look at his face was he in a fire ?
  • Julian why are you being so mean, treat people the way you want to be treated.
  • Auggie is really nice
  • i like auggie
  • Thank you for apologising i forgive you, and yeah lets hang out at lunch.
  • Auggie you are actually really nice and a great person.
  • Auggie, im sorry for what i said, are we cool ?
  • Thanks guys
  • Auggie i think you are really smart .
  • do you guys wanna hang out at lunch?
  • In this scene, i changed the children are complimenting Auggies costume, saying hi to him, and people know it's Auggie underneath the costume. The characters impacted in the new scene are Auggie feels better about himself and the costume, and the boy dressed in the wizard costume feels better that he complemented Auggie and that the small complement could make Auggies day.
  • In this scene, i changed that only Julian is being rude, and that his friends are standing up for Auggie as well as Jack will. The characters impacted in the new scene are Auggie was grateful and thankful that they were nice and stood up for him, Julian feels guilty saying what he said, Julians friends, and Jack Will feel good standing up for Auggie.
  • In this scene, Julian apologises, and his friends say nice things about Auggie. Auggie forgives Julian and they decide to all hang out at lunch together. The characters impacted in the new scene are all of the boys feel better about themselves, and Auggie is happy he made new friends. The golden rule is open to everyone no matter what your belief is, there is never an excuse to not be kind.