Acedemic Dishonesty Storyboard

Updated: 10/13/2021
Acedemic Dishonesty Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Academic Dishonesty StoryboardYour teacher assigned you 10 ILA questions individually before class tomorrow. Tommy and Chuckie decided to each do 5 and swap answers after they were done.
  • Ok Class for ILA you have to answer 10 questions.You must finish them before class tomorrow. Also do them individually. Ok?
  • Hey Chuckie, lets do 5 each and swap answers ok?
  • Ok Tommy
  • Alright since you two did so well, answer some more questions in front of the class.
  • F
  • Five minutes later
  • 1.I would consider this cheating, because you had to do this induvilsally but they did it together, and copied. 2.The cheaters were Tommy and Chuckie.3.The cheating was the copying because They were not sopposed to copy.4.I would not cheat, and I would tell them to not cheat.