Rules of the game
Updated: 5/3/2020
Rules of the game

Storyboard Text

  • I'll be at work
  • "Wise guy, he not go against wind. In Chinese we say, Come from South, blow with wind-poom!-North will follow. Strongest wind cannot be seen
  • wanna play?
  • My mother imparted her daily truths so she could help my older brothers and me rise above our circumstances. We lived in. San Francisco's Chinatown. We lived on Waverly Place, in a warm, clean, two-bedroom flat that sat above a small Chinese bakery specializing in steamed pastries and dim sum.
  • it's luck!
  • check
  • We had gone to the annual Christmas party held at the First Chinese Baptist Church at the end of the alley. The missionary ladies had put together a Santa bag of gifts donated by members of another church. Vincent got the chess set
  • One day in the playground at the end of the ally I saw a group of men playing chess, this is where I met Lau Po. He taught me many different skills and it is thanks to him that I’ve gotten so far.
  • I’ve become very passionate about playing chess, and this was by those round me during matches I play undefeated. My mother sees this as the perfect opportunity to boast.
  • Lots of advantages arose from me playing chess, but I wasn’t content with how my way of life had become. I had to accompany my mother on Saturday market days when I had no tournament to play, I was her way to brag to others, one day I decided to tell her how I felt.
  • I rose up into the air and flew out the window. Higher and higher, above the alley, over the tops of tiled roofs, where I was gathered up by the wind and pushed up toward the night sky until everything below me disappeared and I was alone. I closed my eyes and pondered my next move.