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Chapters 4/5/6 Long Walk to Water
Updated: 10/15/2020
Chapters 4/5/6 Long Walk to Water
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  • *feeling reasurred a bit*
  • The next morning
  • *quietly* He is one of us
  • *sigh* Fine you may come with us child.
  • The next morning
  • Why is he hanging back of the group all of a sudden...
  • A bird!? I must follow it!
  • Idk about him he might not be much help.
  • *chirp chirp*
  • follow the bird using Jur-chol cmon Buska!!!!!!!
  • I have heard of that before but never actually had seen someone use Jur-chol I will go get the others.
  • Beehive
  • OUCH!
  • I followed the birds here using my Jur-Chol. Now, go get the others. Tonight we feast!
  • Salva checking around for his family
  • *Steps on foot accidentally*
  • I'm so sorry! I didn't see you there! Im so so sorry!
  • It's fine! I'm ok no need to be sorry! I'm Mariel by the way! What's your name?
  • Oh my name is Salva! I'm looking for my family.
  • East! So Ethiopia!
  • *Salva and Mariel laughing*
  • Wait WHAT!? But what about my family? :(
  • Now in the land of Atuot full of lions.
  • Huh?
  • Hey it's ok. Don't you know that if we keep walking east we'll go all the way around the world and back to Sudan? *laughing*
  • Hey Mariel, where are we going?
  • No way! Is that-!?
  • Hello sir! I'm Mariel. Pleasure to meet you!
  • UNCLE??!!
  • Yes it is! Mariel, this is my uncle!
  • Is this a friend of yours?
  • SALVA!!!!!
  • I will go hunt us all something to eat stay by the fire
  • Salva ended up puking and some other people too
  • Thank you uncle!!
  • No problem just don't eat to fast kiddo
  • I'm so tired. I think I'll just sleep h- ZZzzzzzZZzzzzZZzzz
  • *yawn*
  • MARIEL!? he must've went to get...FOOD yes food..or maybe-THE LIONS!! they took him...he really is gone...
  • *Wakes up*
  • Salva your friend...he's gone...
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