Updated: 12/11/2019
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  • crash
  • ahh!
  • BOOM!!!!
  • First part in outer space,later on planet earth in the forest and in a town that the population is like 103
  • Musk elon was driving in outer space near his home planet mars and got caught up in huge rocks in space and his ship crashed on the planet earth.
  • long walk...
  • Musk elon crashes on planet earth in the forest 8 miles away from a town of a population of 103.musk elon has to fix his ship to be able to get back to his home mars.
  • screams!!!!
  • Musk elon crashed in a forest on planet earth everything there is not fond to him so he has to fix his ship asap to get back home.musk elon cannot live long on planet earth as he has found out.he’s also in danger to other things such as humans that would kill him.he has a max of three days and 16 hours of being able to survive on eath.he has to find a few parts to fix his ship.musk sees lights in the clouds coming from a light that is in the town 8 miles away and goes there to find parts.humans see musk and freak out and they search for him and he is in danger
  • musk sees a light in the sky and walks toward it until he reaches a town with humans.
  • Musk escapes from being caught by the humans and finds some parts for his ship.musk has 1 day and 18 hours left to get his ship fixed and to get back to mars where he will be okay.musk fixes his ship in time and takes off back home and makes it back safe
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