History Monroe
Updated: 1/15/2021
History Monroe

Storyboard Text

  • The Monroe Doctrine has protected us from the Europeans!!
  • they better not.
  • They can not get away with this sir. This is just outraouges!
  • This Doctrine will give us so many more new ideas and changes. We are safe!!
  • In 1812, Monroe announced the Monroe Doctrine. This doctrine guarded North and South America from the European countries.
  • Are we sure they can't cross? How will we make sure we and the people are safe? Could this start a war? WHAT IF WE GET INVADED?!
  • The Europeans have found out about the Monroe Doctrine and what it plans to do.
  • The Monroe Doctrine still is in play. Without it our safety is at a large risk.We will defend our land proudly
  • The people of South America are very happy to be told they are protected from the nasty Europeans.
  • Stay on your own side!!
  • People are worried that the Monroe Doctrine will not work out and that it might fail.
  • President Monroe is stating that his plan will work and there will be no attacks nor invasion while this is in place.
  • The Monroe Doctrine kept the good people in and the bad people.