The new deal sierra
Updated: 3/12/2020
The new deal sierra

Storyboard Text

  • What am i going to do now that im unemployment ?!!!i cant afford to buy anything or pay for anything without a job
  • Who are you?????
  • I am someone that got sent to u to help u and others through this horrible great depression!!
  • follow mee
  • Now we need to think of a way to solve unemployment , do u have any ideas ?
  • Not really im hopeless
  • Raymond is a 30 year old man who is unemployed and has kids and needs work to take care of his kids
  • Wow good idea ! how will we do that ?
  • Wait a minitue i know what too do ! lets create a program to help you guys get money or work back !
  • we need to ask people tp help us out and pitch in some money
  • At that moment a man he never sees before comes
  • They plan an idea to get funds
  • Donations here please
  • Yesss we are getting so much donations for program thank you soo much ! i can finally get funds to take care of my kids or get a job
  • The guy who gets sent to raymond want to create a program
  • The next day they ask people to come to the program they are rasing by asking rich folks to come and pitch in
  • Ladies and gentlemen please come tommorw and support our program to help the unemployed and ur donations will be needed we please and thank u
  • They get funds and money to get jobs and for a job