Brownian Motion
Updated: 3/31/2020
Brownian Motion
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This story board is about the magnific scottish scientist who was a buttonist(scientist who studies plants) and how he discovered the particle theory.

Storyboard Text

  • What might he be thinking that makes him so nervous that he needs to run?
  • This needs to be correct all my life studying and now I need to prove it!
  • After having pourd one drop of water,and put in a slide with some polen I can observe that the polen moves!
  • Method Steps Get a microscope Get a slide Put the pollen in the slide Pour some water in the slide
  • I will try it with a dead plant and see if the pollen still moves there!
  • 100 years later,a lot of scientist remembered Botanist Robert Brown theory,and with all those minds like Einstein's they all helped to get an explanation that explain what Robert Brown wanted to explain!
  • After testing my theory with a dead plant,my predictions were wrong,the pollen still moves.But know how can I explain it!Are they alive? Are they...
  • He has done tests and has a theory,he just needs to find the correct words!
  • The world needs to know what he was doing!
  • Sadly,Botanist Robert Brown on the on the 10th of June of 1858 left us.
  • What will happen with all his tests and theories?
  • We should call it,THE PARTICLE THEORY
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