Tennis Court Oath
Updated: 12/18/2020
Tennis Court Oath

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  • Tennis Court Oath
  • No way! You guys have to pay taxes because we sure aren't paying them!
  • The Estates-General met for the first time in over 100 years. The third Estate had many complaints and requests that the second and first Estates would not listen to....
  • Now, now. Calm down... what we are asking from you is perfectly reasonable!
  • Give us bread to feed our families!
  • We want less taxes!
  • My money is worth nothing!
  • Yeah! We'll call ourselves the National Assembly and create a new constitution to give us rights!
  • The third estate decided to give themselves more say in the government because they had so many people. They called themselves the National Assembly and decided to write a new constitution.
  • We deserve more rights!
  • But on the day of the next meeting, June 20th, the first and second Estate locked the third Estate out of the Estates-General meeting.
  • They locked us out boys! What are we gonna do about it?
  • No way! The first and second estate locked us out!
  • They decided to meet at a different place, the local tennis court.
  • We'll go to the tennis court and write our own constitution!
  • On that very tennis court, they took an oath (now called the Tennis Court Oath), to continue to meet until they had produced a French constitution.
  • We hereby swear to meet together as a National Convention until a fair and equal constitution has been written.
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