story borad

Updated: 9/9/2021
story borad

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  • Mathilde and her husband
  • The right fit
  • omg yes that one ...that one is the one i want
  • take it if thats what you want
  • lost item
  • ill go try to look for it
  • The year is 1800's in France and there was a beautiful woman named Mathilde was not born with the best riches. She grew up to marry a store clerk named and would always complain about the life she never had. She would wish for fine luxury her friends and but all day all she could think about was her dull boring poor life.
  • pay back
  • i 'll have to clean just to feed myself
  • One day the husband comes back with a ball invitation that many wealthy and rich people will be attending.Mathilde begins to cry that sh has no gown to go with.So she buys a gown and relaizes she has no jewlery.Her husband reminds her that she has a wealthy friend with many jewls and mathlide lend one from her just for the night.
  • cheap
  • it was only 5 francs
  • While at the ball she had the most amazing time and anced with everyman with grace.As the night came to an end she got into a carriage hurry so people wouldn't see her and then she noticed when she got home she had no necklace!She had lost her friends necklace and was stunned
  • As the night ended their wa no necklace to be found.They searched evreywhere.Jewerly store after jewerly store until one day they found one that looked exactly the same.They had little to no money left so they went out asking everyone they could for lowns.They ended having enough money but they had to work the rest of thier lives to pay it off
  • Its took years for them to pay off this debt.Once out mathlide saw her good friend that had lended her the necklace they chatted for a lttle while and then mathilide wanted to tell her about the necklace as she explained how she had to pay off years of debt her friends saids that the necklace was cheap and only cost 5 frances!