The Great Gatsby
Updated: 4/1/2021
The Great Gatsby

Storyboard Text

  • Tom was laughing and constantly talking throughout the whole ride because of how he feels emotionally about Gatsby and Daisy
  • Nick, Jordan and Tom are on their way home using Tom's car.
  • Tom: Hahahaha
  • "A moment later she rushed out into the dusk, waving her hands and shouting; before he could move from his door the business was over" (Fitzgerald 146).
  • Wilson: GET BACK HERE MYRTLE!!!!
  • Myrtle:AHHHH
  • Tom: C'mon Wilson, you gotta stay strong. I also want to say that the yellow car I had brought earlier wasn't mine, I actually haven't even seen it since this afternoon.
  • Gatsby:I just wanted to make sure Daisy was alright. After what had happened tonight.
  • Nick: Um..what are you doing behind the bushes Gatsby??
  • Nick: What happened?!?!
  • Gatsby:WATCH OUT!!
  • "You see, when we left New York she was very nervous and she thought it would steady her to drive—and this woman rushed out at us just as we were passing a car coming the other way" (Fitzgerald 154).
  • Daisy:I wonder if he knows what I've done tonight?
  • Although it was an awkward dinner, they both exchanged a few words with each other, but also kept it very brief.
  • Tom: I bet it was Gatsby who killed Myrtle...