Updated: 1/27/2020
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  • I am Sir Francis Drake, I can ask queen Elizabeth the queen of England for money for our voyage, hopefully she will say yes...
  • Sir Francis Drake, I know you are here to ask for funding of the upcoming voyage however I have a different job for you. Instead of being a sailor you will be stealing Spanish sea vessels and any gold they have. So will you do it?
  • Of course I will.
  • All in these boxes
  • CompassandRopes
  • Lets make sure we have everything, Compass, Ropes, Weights, Astrolabe, and Cross staffs.
  • Yep
  • Weights, Astrolabe, and Cross Staff
  • Sir Francis Drake is about to go and ask Queen Elizabeth to fund a voyage out of England.
  • Think of all the dangers we could face. If we get too close to the giant furnace we will melt
  • Well at least we are on a Caravel and not a old flimsy boat.
  • Queen Elizabeth agrees and asks Sir Francis Drake to steal from Spanish ships on the voyage.
  • I took all of this gold from the spanish ship over there. Hopefully they don't notice.
  • A compass shows what direction you are going. Sailors used ropes to show their speed they would roll up the ropes and however fast they unrolled was the speed they were going. Weights measured the depth of the water. The astrolabe determines latitude. Cross staffs measure the angle of the sun.
  • Thank you Sir Francis you did very well.
  • Caravels are better than normal boats they can carry 130 tons of supplies and a crew or 20 plus its easy to maneuver. Some others dangers were, the lack of vitamin C which lead to Scurvy, storms could sink ships, sailors could fall overboard, could run out of drinking water, and spread of diseases such as Smallpox.
  • Sailors sailed for gold, God, or glory. Sir Francis Drake probably sailed for gold based on his role on the journey to North America or The New World.
  • Back in England after the exploration.
  • Queen Elizabeth, I came to show you what I took from the Spanish vessels.
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