Broken Blade by Prahbleen Khosa 3rd hr
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade by Prahbleen Khosa 3rd hr

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre is leaving his mother, father and 2 sisters to start his journey. He is leaving because his father is injured so he cannot travel and they need the money to survive the winter. Pierre is wondering if leaving school at the age of 13 was worth it.
  • Pierre´s hand are starting to hurt because of the blisters have gotten. But he decides to play a prank on Beloit by putting the ducks hand(the duck was caught by Emile) in his duck soup which makes everyone laugh. He is getting along well with his brigade.
  • When Pierre's canoe has to make a sharp right turn and the aren't able to La Londe puts his feet against the rocks to push the canoe and ends up loosing his footing and dying. the brigade spends an hour to find him but can't. The whole brigade is very sad especially Pierre.
  • The brigade is canoeing through Lake Superior when a big storm hits which causes the brigade to stay on an island for 2 days.Staying on the island for so long causes to stir up a fight with Beloit, Bellegarde and La Petite.
  •  Pierres brigade has portaged at the Grand Portage and they settle in.There is a is a Rendezvous later on. Pierre is asked to dance with this beautiful girl and he says yes.
  • Pierre decided its time to come home instead of becoming a hiverant. When Pierre gets home he surprises his father and he says Pierre has become a man. Pierre thinks that he will definently join on next year again.