VR virtual tour of william morris sixth form
Updated: 2/13/2020
VR virtual tour of william morris sixth form

Storyboard Text

  • Courtyard
  • Canteen
  • LRC
  • The user accesses the virtual tour through the WMSF website or an app. The First shows a courtyard which where the students normally hang out and see where other locations of wmsf/ classrooms (B-block , C-block E-block and the reception) are at.
  • E-block/ E11
  • The user will find themselves into the canteen where they can see the serving bench where the students get their food. They can also see the fridge where the fruit drinks and water are. The checkout and the tables where the students have their lunch.
  • B-block/performance centre
  • The LRC is a library where the user can see the books on the book shelves and the user can see students studying there
  • Art room
  • The user can access to E11(SEN Area) where students who has learning difficulties/ disabilities hangout and can receive learning support from teaching assistants.
  • in the performance centre the user can see where the drama students perform and it is also where the students goes to assemblies.
  • The user finds themselves into the art room where the students study art and they can see different examples of the artworks, such as: paintings, self portraits, collages and pottery.