Unknown Story
Updated: 3/18/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Helicopter
  • Entrance Gate
  • Stairway Entrance
  • There were eight highly trained soldiers in the back of the three helicopters breathing in and out the harsh cold weather of the snowy mountains. They had their mission drilled into their head and they knew their exact roles. The helicopters came up to a facility being heavily guarded with walls surrounding the main facility. The facility was located near the ledge of a mountain. The soldiers all rose up and strapped on their parachutes. The back of the helicopter opened up and the soldiers did not hesitate and jumped out of the helicraft. Two of the helicopters started dropping heavy fire on the main facility and the other helicopter broke off the path and descended into the valley of the mountain.
  • Corridor (Bottom of Stairs)
  • There was a group of heavily armored trucks halted at the front gate of the outer walls. The soldiers got out of the trucks and aimed their firearms at the helicopters. Some of the soldiers walked over to the ones trying to take out the aircrafts and shot them, they were part of the assault on the facility. Two of them entered the truck at the front of the group and rammed it through the main gate.
  • Reinforced Door
  • The truck stopped at one of the smaller buildings on the inside of the walls. One of the soldiers put a card up that he collected from one of the guards to a small device connected to the building which opened the door. One of the soldiers from the back of the group walked into the building which led to a flight of stairs that descended into the depths of the mountain. You could hear guards running up the flight of stairs. The soldier took a small container of Cyanogen Chloride and dropped it down the shaft of stairs.
  • Lab
  • The guards started screaming and choking on the toxic infested air. The soldiers put on masks that protected them from inhaling the toxic gasses. The group started running down the stairs taking out any of the suffering guards they came by. When they got to the bottom of the shaft they aimed their weapons towards a door which hid many guards behind, also aiming their firearms at the door. The group of soldiers waited there until they heard a loud crash with the sound of gunshots following. They opened the door and took out the remaining guards that had survived the explosion. They met another group of soldiers from the helicopters.
  • They started walking down the hallways of the underground facility. They could hear the clamps of guards boots behind the walls. They came up to a door which they opened by using the card on the device they had used at the entrance of the building. One of the guards shot the device after the door was opened. They came up to another door protected by plates of tungsten and steel. One of the soldiers used the card on another device they had seen from the entrance which closed the large door behind them with a bullet proof window at the top of the door where the soldiers saw guards running down the corridor. Both halves of the group aimed their weapons at the two doors which both had numerous guards behind them. The corridor behind them had two guards carrying a battering ram with a guard behind them holding a stand. Once they got to the door they set up the device. They counted down from three and activated the device which put a dent into the door and did the same again. The door became more and more dented. The Soldiers heard a loud crash behind the door with the sound of heavy gunfire on the other side of the heavily fortified door. After the noise of gunshots ended one of the members of the attack opened the door from the other side.
  • The room was filled with desks and computers surrounding a control panel in the middle of the room. A huge hole was blown into the wall of the lab with the helicopter that went off track of the other ones. There was a smaller panel on the control panel. One of the soldiers walked over to it with a cube looking device. The device had the same design as a cube but the surfaces of it were missing and the top of the cube had a handle. The soldier placed the device on the panel then pressed one of the buttons on the device that activated two sets of lasers. The lasers cut around the perimeter of the panel. Once the lasers had made a full rotation they deactivated and the top of the device came down to the panel. The device then made a buzzing noise as the device had activated magnets. What used to be the top of the device started trying to pull itself up and after a few seconds it tore the panel off. The device went back to its normal state and the soldier took the device off and carried it to the helicopter. Another one of the members with a large glove pulled out a tube from the control panel. The tube had some type of metal on both ends with a thin plate of metal surrounding the perimeter between both ends. The member pressed a button on the tube which caused the thin layer of metal to pull itself into one end of the tube exposing what seemed to be a dark cloud in a bottle with a blue radiating from the center of the cloud at random intervals. A red glow was radiating from the bottom of the tube. The soldiers could hear that the guards we’re almost done breaking down the door so the soldier then closed the tube and put it in a reinforced briefcase. All the members of the attack then got into the helicopter and at that moment the guards broke into the room. The helicopter flew back away from the now dismantled lab and sent off a few missiles at it causing the whole facility to collapse in on itself.