Unknown Story
Updated: 9/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • believing that the strange man will break their clan and spread destruction among them.
  • At the same day, people in Adame clan killed the white man and tied his bike on their sacred tree without being interrogated.
  • For a long time after the white man was killed nothing happen, until one day a very large group of white men surrounded the market and killed everyone for their vengeance .
  • They were fools. They should have armed themselves from the possible attack.
  • Okonkwo introduce the visitors to Udendo.
  • As these events were being reported by Obierika to his friend Okonkwo and Uchendo, both the two expressed their fury.
  • Never killed a man who says nothing. Those men in Adame were fools.
  • The conversation ends. Okonkwo said his gratitude to Obierika for his generosity but he refused to be praised for what is natural between frineds.