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Don't Fall For Fake
Updated: 2/22/2019
Don't Fall For Fake
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Storyboard Description

A teenage girl texts a wrong number to her online friend. An suspisous old man answers instead, she asks to meet up for not the first time. He says, "Sure" and gives the adress. Read to find out what happens next.

Storyboard Text

  • Beginning
  • -Hey Buddy! How are you? Do you want to meet up?-
  • At the suspicious man
  • -Hey! Sure let's meet! Wanna meet me up at **** St.-
  • Back to the naive teenage girl
  • -Great! This will be our first time meeting up! I have been wondering what you will look like!-
  • This teenage girl is texting a wrong number to her online friend and suggesting they meet up.
  • Later...
  • Hey! Are you my online friend? a boy...
  • Yeah. Sorry I never told you. This is my place wanna come in?
  • This suspicious man answers instead.
  • When she finds out that he is suspicious
  • Why would you lie about your gender? .......
  • ... My friend is the least self-conscious person ever.... HE IS NOT MY FRIEND!!
  • I was scared that you wouldn't like me anymore.
  • She is going to meet up with him not knowing that he is not her online friend. She doesn't find it suspicious that this is the first time her friend has ever said yes.
  • He has not figured out that she is suspicious
  • NOPE!!!! BYE!!
  • So, do ya wanna come in?
  • She had been told that her friend was a girl, and that she had lived in a different state! She is starting to get suspicious of the man.
  • She knew her friend had not been a self-conscious person, so she figured out he was not her friend.
  • She quickly, but not quietly leaves the scene.
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