Part 1 0.1 Math Pt
Updated: 1/12/2021
Part 1 0.1 Math Pt

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  • Emily arrived at home and it's already night time. Einna and London are excited to decorate when they saw the stuffs for decoration but they decided to decorate tomorrow because the kids need to sleep early.
  • Mom, let's decorate now. Please.
  • No, kids it's already late. You need to sleep early. Tomorrow we will decorate.
  • I'm home! I bought all the stuffs we needed to decorate our house.
  • The kids are upset about not decorating today. Emily explained to them that it is already late and tomorrow morning they will start decorating.
  • Kids you need to sleep early. We can't decorate at this late. Tomorrow morning we will start decorating so sleep early so you can wake up early,okay?
  • Another day begins, Lamperouge family starts their day by waking up early and planning to start decorating their house. Sunny day is family day.
  • Don't leave any foods in your plates kids.
  • Kids finish your foods and we will start decorating our Christmas tree.
  • Lamperouge discussed their plans for today while eating their breakfast. They will start to put the Christmas tree and decorate it. Kids are so excited so they eat their breakfast happily.
  • Yey! Okay Mom! Kuya eat faster!
  • Yes, Einna. Hahahahaha
  • Kuya teach me how to get the area please.
  • What would be the are of the room, Dad?
  • They are having a problem where they will put the 8ft. Christmas tree. The length of the room is 42x+8 while its width is 12x+2. What would be the are of the room where the Christmas tree will be placed? The area of the room is 504x2+ 104x+16.
  • The area of the room is 504x2+ 104x+16
  • A= lxwA= (42x+8)(12x+2)A= 504x2+ 104x+16
  • Wow ! How did you get that son?
  • Wow! Our Christmas tree is so beautiful. Thank you kids for decorating our Christmas tree. You did a great job!
  • Yehey! We have a Christmas Tree! I want to open the gifts, Dad.
  • They finished decorating the Chirtsmas Tree. They solved the are of the room thanks to London, They are so happy especially Einna who is fond of Christmas tree.
  • Einna princess, it's not yet Christmas day. Wait a little more Princess.
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