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Updated: 11/29/2020
The List

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Danielle Demarco

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  • The ListSiobhan Vivian
  • Danielle was anonymously voted the ugliest girl in her grade. Her nickname "Dan the man came from her masculine appearance and not looking like the average teenage girl. With posters of her ranking all over the school, her self esteem lowered back down to 0.
  • "Hey! Dan the Man!"page 22
  • Ugliest Freshman:Danielle Demarco-Also known as Dan the Man
  • Dan the Man? Ugliest?
  • Danielle rushed to the bathroom to try to make her self look better in hopes people would think she's pretty. She was pointing out every imperfection on her in the bathroom mirror while tears were gushing down her face.
  • Swim practice was the first good thing to happen to Danielle that day as she was ecstatic to find out she is now part of the varsity team and making her teammates and coach very proud. Swim was the only thing she felt comfortable doing as she had a similar body shape as her teammates.
  • "Coach come here a second. Danielle is rocking the bench!Page 219
  • Varsity swimmers please give a round of applause for Danielle.
  • The football team walked in the gym and made rude remarks to Danielles boyfriend right in front of her face. This rapidly took the happiness that formed inside of her out. Watching her boyfriend just stand there and not stick up for her crushed her even more.
  • Dude, good thing your boyfriend Dan the Man's not trying out for football or she'll take your spot
  • Danielle predicts that the football team will stop teasing her about her manly looking body if she quits swimming. This is the reason that lead to her decision of not going to the swim meet the following day that she has worked so hard to go to. The coach knows she is faking the injury but doesn't do anything.
  • I hurt my arm yesterday doing all the lifts. I better take a break in order to heal.
  • "Danielle, what's wrong? Why aren't you in your bathing suit for swim practice?"page 229
  • Danielle finally realizes that she should not care about what other people think of her. She is happy with her muscles that took a tremendous amount of determination and hard work to make. Swimming makes her happy and she should not let peoples opinions get in the way of that.
  • Coach, that day of resting made my arm feel 100% better. I am perfectly ready for todays swim meet. Is there any chance I can still attend?
  • If you are absolutely sure you are ready, then I guess you can participate today.