English homework
Updated: 7/31/2020
English homework

Storyboard Text

  • To visit my friends
  • and listen that
  • stop here righ now
  • hey, where you going ?
  • the doctor told if she went to emma's house she would got infected so its better to made a video chat and conserve the distance
  • she said why she couldn't go to Emma's house if they didn´t touch any object
  • The boy said that he wasn't going to get sick because he did run cross-country and that made him strong.
  • the doctor told him that was wonderful to be in a great shape but even of that many younger people had been infected because of the covid-19
  • The doctor told her that if she got sick she would have to go to an hospital where probably there weren´t the necessary supplies and she would have a serious covid 19 case
  • The girl asked why she couldn't go to see a friend if she had read that everyone would be infected and sick
  • He asked why he couldn´t go to play basketball if anyone of his friends were sick
  • The doctor told him while he was playing basketball he got contact with the ball and it could be contaminated if a ill friend touched he could got infected it, he could got infected
  • ok. I will do it:
  • if you want to go out you must use the mask
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