Modern Day parable of the lost son
Updated: 5/18/2020
Modern Day parable of the lost son

Storyboard Text

  • Once there was a father who had two boys and worked on a farm. But one day his youngest boy came down to the house and said "I want to leave and enjoy my life so can you give me my share" Surprisingly the father agreed.
  • The Boy set off with a lot of money but had a lot of parties and drank a lot of beer until all of the money ran out.
  • The boys friends all started leaving after he ran out of money and the boy realised he needed a job. So he asked some nearby farmers for a job and they gave him a job. But his job was to feed the pigs and he received very little money and was starving. Sometimes he wanted to eat the pig feed
  • He realised that his father would never take him back but he could work as a servant. Even the servants got enough food, he thought. As he got to the house he started to get second thoughts.
  • But just as he was about to leave his father saw him and sprinted towards him. He hugged him and looked very happy. The son was surprised but also very happy that his father welcomed him back.
  • They had a massive party with the biggest piece of meat while the older brother still worked. The older brother heard the commotion and asked a servant. The brother was very mad and told his father " I have worked very hard for you and me and my friends don't even get a goat to celebrate.