sst asingment
Updated: 11/3/2020
sst asingment

Storyboard Text

  • before there was soil sky or any green thing there was only the gaping abyss of Gnuggap.
  • this darkness lay in between the home land of elemental fire Musplhime and the home land of elemental ice nilfhime
  • the flames from muspilhime and the frost from nilfhime moved ever closer until they met in the abyss. as the ice began to melt the droplets them selves formed imer the first of the giant kind
  • imer was capable of reproducing asectualy and as he slept the sweat from underneath his arms fromed two more giants a third was later born creating the first family of giants known as the yotens
  • from the ice emerged a cow named audumble her milk would nerish imer and the other giants and in return the cow would be nourished by the blocks of ice
  • aoudubles licks uncovered bory the first god of the asia tribe. bory would have a son named bor who would marry bessla douter of the giant boulthorn. they later had three half god half giant children Oden, Villy, and Vey