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Mongol Conquest
Updated: 10/9/2020
Mongol Conquest
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  • I am definitely a catapult
  • Let's go conquer us some land!The mongols, a nomadic people, were now led by Temujin, known as Genghis Khan, who decided to go get some land and kill some people.
  • I am your leader now!
  • They'll never see us coming... heheheThe innovative fighting techniques, such as the one seen here where a smaller group of Mongols lured the enemy into a trap, were used by the Mongols helped them to win battles.
  • You're not going to let us in? Sure? Okay then, you asked for it...The Mongols were known to throw plagued bodies over the walls of a city during a siege and wait for the people to get sick and die... talk about patience.
  • Guess who rules now? Its ME and the Pax Mongolica!The system of government that the Mongols used was to allow regions to keep their own internal rulers, who reported to them and paid taxes to them. The Pax Mongolica is the name for the peace that was evident when the Mongols ruled.
  • Why thank you, we do have great trade routes.The Mongol Empire encouraged safe trade, allowing them to get wealthy and promoting a generally beneficial economy for all involved. Incidentally, the trade routes also spread disease...
  • He's dead?! Well, I want to be in charge now!When our favorite leader of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan, died, the peace between the Mongol tribes that he had united began to crumble, and the empire was split into khanates.
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