The Franks (Battle of Tours)
Updated: 2/18/2020
The Franks (Battle of Tours)
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  • Around 500 C.E.
  • I, Clovis the emperor, have decided to convert to Chiristianity. Everyone shall join me.
  • I will convert as well my emperor. My faith lies in you.
  • 732 C.E.
  • I will break through your armed forces easily Charles Martel, you should surrender now. Attack!
  • Well we have you cornered Abdul Rahman. There are troops behind me.
  • Charles, I will raid their camp site
  • If I were to give you land, power, and food, would you be willing to make me king?
  • 751 C.E.
  • If I give you this power and accept this offer, you must keep this deal for generations of my family
  • Clovis is converting to Christianity and all the Franks are following him.
  • Um...!Yes my emperor, give me a moment to choose.
  • Around775 C.E.
  • You have two choices. CONVERT OR DIE!
  • Charles Martel meets Abdul Rahman on the other side of a river and they begin the Battle of Tours. Duke Odo raids Rahman's camp.
  • I, Roland, shall hold them back until the army comes. I shall die in the emperor's honor.
  • Pepin is making a deal with the Pope so he can become king.
  • Around840 C.E.
  • My sons, I am leaving the empire in your hands. Be sure to make it thrive and become better than it has ever become
  • We will not let you down. We will rule this empire together
  • Charlemagne is forcing one of his Frankish citizens to convert to Christianity or die.
  • Roland is holding back the attackers before they can take out the Frank's entire army. He died to save the entire Frankish army from defeat.
  • 778 C.E.
  • Louis the Pious is passing down the role of emperor to his three sons who will eventually split the empire and rule separately
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