Jacques Cartier
Updated: 1/20/2020
Jacques Cartier
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  • The Adventure of Jacques Cartier
  • Before The Americas
  • His First Expedition
  • By: Carter Reid
  • Application of Grapes: Economics
  • In the years that Cartier lived in France he prepared for his long journey. In a place named Dieppe, which is Northwest of Paris he studied navigation. Additionally, he previously journeyed to Brazil and Newfoundland. He took the opportunity to travel as King Francis I put it, to the "Northern lands."
  • Application of Grapes: Achievements
  • The St. Lawrence River sure is calm, and up ahead here is Mont Royal!
  • In his first journey he never ventured past the St. Lawrence gulf. In addition to this finding they also discovered Prince Edwards island. Although it eventually just became a cluster of findings, the original intention was to look for metals.
  • Was His Impact More Positive Or Negative?
  • The original goal of the journey that Cartier was sent on was to find any valuable metals in the Americas. Additionally, he was looking for a path that can lead them from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Although they didn't find any routes to the Pacific, they came back with things they believed were diamonds and gold. Unfortunately, they were not valuable at all or worth anywhere near as much as real jewels. Therefore, they did not benefit from the journey at all economically.
  • Cartier, this is fool's gold!
  • Although it took Cartier two journeys to the Americas, he eventually came across the St. Lawrence river. With this new discovery, he was able to continue to venture on through the Canadian area. As his crew continued to a large island that he named Mont Royal, meaning royal Mountain, which later became Montreal. Therefore Cartier led to the discovery of Montreal, and the St. Lawrence river.
  • While both the area of Montreal and the St. Lawrence river was discovered by Cartier and his crew, he did not find any valuable metals or the route from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. Therefore, you could debate whether the costs outweighed the benefits. Or whether or not his discoveries were beneficial in any significant ways.
  • Mont Real, and The St. Lawrence.
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