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Updated: 11/5/2020
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  • The beginning Greek mythology
  • its finally being used
  • Go to the maze he built
  • K
  • Greek mythology
  • REALLY!!!
  • My hero
  • hubris
  • King Minos banish the minotaur to a place of torture's through a maze that was created by Daedalus
  • theme
  • Then Theseus killed the minotaur that was in the maze and took the princess for himself leaving his crew
  • theme
  • I told you
  • Trying to escape the tower Daedalus try to make wing for both him and his son. But his son dosent care about how he is crafting he just wants to fly
  • ovid perspective
  • Rip my homie
  • He warned his son not to fly close to the sun because it can ruin his wing and the waves will kill. Icarus dosent care and wants to fly
  • Didn't care about his father warning making Icarus fall to his death in the ocean
  • Because since Icarus didn't listen to his father he died because he wanted to be a rebel which is his fault. Making his father sad watching his son die right in front of him
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