Updated: 11/8/2018
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holes storyboard

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  • Exposition
  • OW! I think these are destiny's shoes!
  • Conflict
  • what did I do?
  • Rising action
  • Stanley is walking home from school after missing the bus. when he starts walking under a overpass he gets hit in the head with a pair of shoes.
  • climax
  • Stanley thinks the shoes are a destiny for his dads invention so he decides to keep them. later he was accused of stealing them and was arrested. his trial was delayed several months because of baseball games.
  • Falling action
  • Stanley goes to camp green lake and at camp green lake you have to dig holes to "build character" for 18 months. and after a couple of weeks after his first hole he found something and as he promised gave it to X Ray.
  • resoloution
  • after a few weeks Stanley knows everyone at group D and a few days after X Ray turned in the "Lipstick lid" there is a giant fight and zero hits Mr Pendancki in the head with a shovel. after a couple days Stanley tried rescuing zero with the water truck but crashed it into a hole and ran to go find zero and finds him under a upside down boat and they start heading towards gods thumb.when they were almost all the way up Stanley had to start carrying zero up the mountain to gods thumb
  • Stanley and Zero had been at gods thumb for a while but if they were to go back into civilization they would need some money so they went back down to camp green lake and dug in the hole that they found the "lipstick cap".they soon found a suitcase inside the hole.they were then caught by the warden and had to stay at the hole overnight because yellow spotted lizards.
  • In the end Stanley was taken out of camp green lake and since zero wasnt in the files he was taken to and when they opened the suitcase in Stanley's house they found a bunch of jewels and some papers. Zero and Stanley each got less than a million dollars but not a lot less. Stanley got a new house for his family and Zero got a team of investigators and found his mom.
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