Mr. Wilder teaches school
Updated: 2/24/2021
Mr. Wilder teaches school

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  • Will Mrs. be a good teacher?
  • She must be a good teacher! She is on the school board!
  • I want a back seat. NOW!
  • NO!
  • Wow!
  • I´m from the east! All of the women must stay pale and have smooth hands...
  • No your not! You are from plum creek Minnesota! Just like me!
  • Carrie and Laura set off for school. Spring was just starting, they are getting a new teacher named Mrs Wilder.
  • must never insult a teacher!
  • Mrs. Wilder promised we could keep our seats but then Nellie was there and SHE GOT OUR SEATS! She is so mean!
  • Laura sat next to Mary Power in the back of the classroom. A new student came in late. She demanded for a back seat. Laura couldn't believe her eyes! It was Nellie from her old town! She had done many bad things back in plum Creek.
  • At recess Laura caught Nellie lying. Nellie had said at her old town all of the women must stay pale and have smooth hands and that is why she looked like that. Her old town was Plum Creek and Laura knew that was not true.
  • I will be nice to Nellie instead of being her enemy!
  • Later that night Laura told Ma and Pa about what happened with Nellie. They didn't seem too happy. It was considered disrespectful to insult a teacher.
  • Pa played the fiddle. When he was playing his song Laura started to change her mind about hating Nellie.
  • Laura has officially changed her mind! She will try to be friends with Nellie from now on!