Updated: 6/18/2021

Storyboard Description

Music video

Storyboard Text

  • Record in the car at red lights-angles both facing the outside with him slightly in the frame (from his perspective)-shot of the traffic light first slowly turning the camera to him , either take the shot from the front glass passenger side, or record from the portfolio
  • Either for the intro, or any part that fits better
  • -Record from inside the car looking out into the road as he drives, either from his point of view or from the passengers seat- Record at a low angle, place camera where the window meets the door.
  • -Either sitting at the top of the stairs or just standing with the lake visible in the back or where all the trees are if its not too dark-Either for the Genesis part or with excellence part"
  • - Laying back in the drivers seat- camera as high as it can be looking down on you or something similar- "baby you can take the wheel cause im too high"
  • - Getting into the car "we''ll go for a ride"-Take the shot from the front of the car only showing the drivers seat
  • Quickly transition to second shot
  • - Shot from inside the car - either take the shot from the side , or a little bit behind the driver-Make audience feel present 
  • -walking down the staircase- for whichever part-try taking the shot from the front and moving further away as he walks