Project for social studies
Updated: 2/4/2021
Project for social studies

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  • Living in the south isn't very fun,Espacilly if you are black, Even though lichon is still trying to make sure black people are no longer slaves there is still alot of racism,for example the Peggy vis Ferguson trial a black choose to sit in the white person cart and refused to move so Ferguson choose to take it to court.
  • President Johnson plan was to basically Make states disavow their actions.Abbolish slavery,Refuse to pay mount of war depts and to set up a temporary government.
  • But sadly his plans ended up not happening they ended up failing/flopping which was really sad since he did have a very good plan
  • Well as we all know there were a lot of black slaves. like alot until the 13th adornment happened!
  • The 13th adamant gave black people there rights they stopped being slaves of course there was still racism
  • Share Cropping was a legal arrangement which allows the tenant to use the land with the return of a share of there crops