Steps to the American Revolution

Updated: 10/5/2021
Steps to the American Revolution

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  • After the French and Indian War; The Proclamation of 1763
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  • Now we can't smuggle molasses!
  • As you wish, my liege.
  • Sugar Act + Stamp Act
  • Now we have to pay more for paper!
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  • Townshend Acts
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  • More Taxes! I'd rather be shot then pay more taxes!
  • The French and Indian war ends and King George III issues the Proclamation Act, which states that they will not settle west of the Appalachians, to appease the native Americans.
  • Boston Massacre
  • Sugar: King George III increased enforcement on imports of molasses, sugar, etc. Stamp: He also raised taxes on certain papers, documents, etc. by putting a stamp on them.
  • Tea Act of 1773
  • A series of acts were passed that taxed things like glass, lead, paint, paper and tea. The colonists did not like this.
  • Coercive Acts/Intolerable Acts
  • British soldiers killed 5 colonists after constant provocations from he colonists.
  • The Tea Act gave the East India Company the right to ship directly to the colonies without first landing in England. The colonists didn't like this because it gave the East India Company a monopoly on tea in the colonies.
  • These acts were used as a punishment for the colonists of Massachusetts after the Boston Tea Party.