The Festival of Osiris
Updated: 10/23/2020
The Festival of Osiris

Storyboard Text

  • Osiris and Seth were both sons of Geb and Nut, the god of earth and goddess of sky.
  • I am Osiris. I rule the Nile and the fruit-bearing earth.
  • I am Seth. I rule the desert and the sky.
  • Seth was jealous of Osiris, so Seth decided to kill Osiris by throwing him in a river.
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  • Isis, Osiris' wife, looked for her husband and she found him. She also became pregnant because of her dead husband.
  • When Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris, grew up, he wanted to find his father's murderer and battle him.
  • I must avenge my father....
  • Horus and Seth battled each other. Horus lost one of his eyes, but still won this battle.
  • After Horus won, Seth was sent away as the personification of Seth was given the desert and the sky over it to rule.evil.Horus' eye was used by Thoth, the God of wisdom, to bring back Osiris to life to rule the Afterlife.
  • You now rule the Afterlife, Osiris!
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