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Updated: 8/28/2020
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  • 237-315
  • Follow me to the Herot where the king is
  • 237-315
  • Here is Heret where you and your men must enter
  • 400-455
  • My men and I will will protect Denmark and will keep you safe
  • An unknown army came to Denmark, the leader Beowulf introduced his father and went on explaining how he went with the purpose of battling the monster that would kill them in the night.
  • 710-790
  • Im not even trying to fight back im just trying to escape
  • The watchman leads them to Herot, the castle that is covered in gold.There he drops them off and leads them to the correct way. As they entered the tower Beowulf grew curious of what layed behind the walls.
  • 811-836
  • The King politely greeted them for he welcomed Beowulf because of his close relationship with his father , Higlac. The king then went into detail of how his men could not protect them at night, Beowulf then asked him to make him his Lord and protector of his nation.
  • 811-836 continued (Free Choice)
  • Long live the prince of Geats
  • The monster, Grendel walked through the hall with hopes to kill someone, he noticed how the tower was heavily secured yet somehow the monster managed to get in, Grendel was killing one man when Beowulf caught him and attacked him.
  • As they continued fighting Beowulf ripped Grendel's arm off and he whimpered and twisted in pain.Beowulf kept fighting him aggressively with purpose to kill him. Grendel took all his lasts strength and escaped
  • Im going to kill you
  • The battle concluded with Beowulf winning. Grendel was severely hurt and wherever he went his wounds would only cause him more pain until his final day.The city cheered in Glory for Beowulf and called him prince of Geats, for he had Grendels arm to prove his victory.
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