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Updated: 10/8/2020
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  • It all started during quarantine and tiktok
  • Mhm I really don't think that eating healthy/going on a diet and workout is going to be that hard anyways.
  • I would say that my biggest decision was trying to eat more healther foods then junk food.
  • If I really think about what has been my hardest decision I ever made?
  • I really learn a lot of stuff
  • I really didn't think this sitiation was going to get of hands
  • ughh this lockdown is going to make me go crazy!!!
  • I littary just eat watch tiktok and sleep all day.
  • I just feel like I don't have enough enery to do anything
  • More when you own family says that to you.
  • It hard when people start saying why are you on a diet or trying to eat healthy/working working out. ''If your skinny you don't need it
  • The theme of this short story was not to listten to what other people think because at the end of the day your doing it for you not for someone else.
  • plus there have been a lot of videos on my fyp on tiktok it's probarly a sign i'lI should eat more heathy/workout
  • Ughhh I been eating so much junk food this past 2 months. Like chips, cookies and noddles.
  • So That means I would have to cut all junk food out.
  • This journey actually help me out now I eat way much better.
  • I want to do this for myself because like when was the last time I ever workout
  • I really think I can do this I got this.
  • so well I thought.
  • So I started working out everyday at first it was hard beacuse your body have to get used to it
  • I didn't know that if your trying to get fit it all comes from the kitchen.
  • The hard thing was trying not to eat no sweet stuff chips or fast food.
  • I change a lot of my eating habits.
  • Now I'm more of an active person cause I used to sleep 24/7. had no engery.
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