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Jobs friends advise
Updated: 4/27/2020
Jobs friends advise
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  • Job suffers and reeves advise
  • Why did this have to happen to me!
  • 1# You clearly did something wrong!2# Turn to GOD! 3# God's correcting you. 4# God does good works!
  • Job receives some advise from his friend Eliphaz
  • GOD
  • 1# That's not helping me!!!! 2# What have I done wrong? 3# I didn't do anything wrong. 4# I'm going to tell God about my anguish and pain.
  • 1# If only you where good! 2# God is punishing you. 3 #God is going to disown you. 4# God is not going to let something happen to you if you are blameless. God is just.
  • bildad's advise
  • 1# God is just. 2# God is not answering me. 3# I am innocent! 4# His ways don't make sense! 5# You think I deserve this!!!
  • 1# God is going easy on you.2# God is just. 3# Stop sinning. 4# Get ride of your sin and life will be better.
  • Satan asked God if he can test Job to see if he will really still be faithful to him when a bunch of bad things happen to him, God agrees.
  • Zophars advice
  • 1# God is smart and understands all things. 2# I'm going to prove myself to God.3# Are you on God's side or mine. 4# I'm innocent of wrong doing.
  • when reading this first read 1# that Eliphaz says then go to Jobs 1# for the response etc Then another friend tries to help Job
  • Round two: advice comes from Eliphaz, Buildad, Zophars
  • EliphazStop lying, God tell the truthGod can do anything, but his ways don’t always make sense.
  • 1#Stop talkingGods not hearing me My friends are wrong about their perspective.2#No one is helping me but my hopes in God.3#Why do the bad people have it good?Your words are of no comfort.
  • I'm claming my innocence till the day i die.I know wisdom can be found in the fear of the Lord! I wish there was someone who could understand me and listen!
  • Job still is receiving a lot of advise
  • Jobs final responce!
  • Elihu tells Job that God would never do wrongElihu accuses Job of not repenting of his sin but acting innocent.God is great and in control of everything
  • more advise is coming...
  • Zolphar.Your guilt will be exposed.Evil people suffer.Things could be bad for you if you don’t repent
  • first read Eliphaz then go to Jobs first response.Then go to Bildad's advise and read Jobs 2# response. Finally read Zolphar's advise and Jobs 3# response.
  • Bildad.What’s your problem? Listen to us.
  • Job has a final friend who has some advise!
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