Perserverance Angelyn rodriguez

Updated: 3/30/2021
Perserverance Angelyn rodriguez

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  • hehe no one is gonna catch me
  • NoOoOoOoOoOoOoO I wish I never stole in my life!
  • I'm gonna watch u Missy!
  • So how she ended up in jail is because stole candy,a purse,money and she got away with it for 8 years ,but then she only got away because she pretended to be sick and that her children were starving, and that her mom wanted a purse, but could not aford it.
  • Then one day she got caught because she couldnt hide it no more so she went to jail for 10 years, and she wanted to get out, but she couldnt so she just had to deal with being in jail.
  • Until she got a job as a nurse and never stole again in her life even if she didn't have enough money on her she promised her self to not steal again, and she lived happily ever after. THE END! BYE!