ss project story board
Updated: 3/18/2020
ss project story board

Storyboard Text

  • Oh. Hussein? Well.. *leans in closer and whispers* I think he is hiding weapons for mass destruction.. and helping those Al-Qaeda members
  • hey, uh don't mind if I ask, but what do you think about Hussein?
  • Britain: WOAH! Yes!
  • Meanwhile In The Meeting Room...
  • Australia:Yes! Great!!
  • THERE HE IS!!! *Arrests him*
  • USA: Well I think we need a military invasion..we'll call it "Operation Iraqi Freedom".
  • *Military Invade Iraq*
  • Britain: We just need to find Hussein.
  • 2 months later..
  • Australia:And lets leave the military there, to keep an eye on things.
  • USA: Our plan is working, we can stop the operation. Hussein's govt is collapsing, Perfect!
  • Hussein was Executed in December of 2006 (three years after he was captured)